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About us

  • We introduce ourselves as specialists in turn-key fit outs for home interiors, hospitality sector- lounge dinner, sheeshah lounge, juice bar, restaurant, cafe and corporate interiors. Having our headquarters in Chennai, and a branch office in the prominent Swaraj Round Temple Town of Thrissur, Kerala is currently being established. We offer our services to clients in Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya, Chennai and Thrissur.We at Devddom Interiors provide our clients with a turnkey solution for all of their interior decorating, designing and space planning & utilization needs. Whether you have an upcoming renovation or are considering new construction, Devddom Interiors specializes in extensive turnkey interior fit-outs of luxury apartments for home interior and corporate interiors with sky high standards of workmanship. Our fresh approach delivers a fully coordinated service bringing together highly skilled, experienced experts to create a luxury environment in your own true style. We are committed to quality, craftsmanship. If you are seeking an easy solution to refurbish your residential or corporate interiors, Devddom Interiors can certainly help. We strive to be with you from concept to execution to completion of the project. Our team is more than capable of handling and executing projects within the scheduled time frame.

Why choose us

  • Devddom Interiors specializes in the full-scope turnkey fit-out and furnishing of luxury apartments & office workspace interiors.We have a strong association with international suppliers.Our portfolio demonstrates our experience in delivering exceptional craftsmanship through the use of top quality materials. We truly believe Devddom Interiors should be the right station for you to get down at.

Services offered

  • Drop Ceiling/False Ceiling Solutions

    Acoustical False Ceiling, Suspended Ceiling Systems, Metal Ceiling, Gypsum Ceiling, Wooden Ceiling, Fiber False Ceiling, POP Ceiling, Synthetic Leather Drop Ceiling.

  • Flooring-Wall Solutions

    Carpeting & Tiling, Acoustic Flooring, Wooden Flooring, Steel Mezanine Floors. Siding Solutions/Wall Cladding(Stuccoing, Exterior Insulated Finished Systems)

  • Partitioning and Workspace Solutions

    Customized Lighting Solutions for all housing, commercial and industrial use, Solid Surface (Workmanship&Installation), Blinds(Venetian-Roman-Vertical-Roller), Wall Paneling Solutions(Veneered and Laminated)

  • Interior and Exterior Paint jobs and Wood works

    For wardrobes, drawers and loft units for bedrooms, furniture like beds, desks, chairs, reception table, top and bottomunits for kitchens

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